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North Plan

The North Plan

Rolling Bay Hall

September 21-30, 2018

A play by Jason Wells

Directed by Wilson Milam

"Jump-to-your-feet fantastic! ... The plot is solid. The characters are genuine. The dialogue is smart. The intrigue and absurdity is pure 'Pulp Fiction' ... At the show I saw, the audience literally jumped to their feet with thunderous applause and cheering ... Funny, scary and totally believable - which makes it funnier and scarier!" -- Chicago Theater Beat


Wilson Milam - whose critically acclaimed directing credits span New York, London and Seattle - directs this unsettling, dark comedy of particular relevance in the current political climate.

Synopsis: As a ruthless faction is seizing power in Washington, Carlton Berg, a bureaucrat for the State Department, runs off with the new regime's top secret enemies list. Unfortunately for Carlton, the chase has come to an end in a police station in the Ozark town of Lodus. With a pair of DHS agents on the way, Carlton's last hope is in the people around him: an unsympathetic police chief, an ambivalent administrative assistant, and fellow prisoner Tanya Shepke, a motor-mouthed recidivist who's turned herself in for drunk driving and thinks Skynyrd should be on the new money.


Whose revolution starts now?



TANYA SHEPKE  -  Christen Muir
SHONDA COX  -  Ania Briggs
CARLTON BERG  -  Ted Dowling
CHIEF SWENSON  -  Wayne Purves
DALE PITTMAN  -  Geoff Schmidt
BOB LEE  -  Brace Evans


CONTENT ADVISORY: This production is for mature audiences only. It includes profanity, use of weapons, simulated violence, and content which conveys racism, sexism and political favoritism.

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