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There Is a Happiness That Morning Is

By Mickle Maher
Directed by Erin Murray

Rolling Bay Hall

December 8-18  |  7pm Thu.-Sat., 3pm Sun.

ELLEN  |  Meredyth Yund
BERNARD  |  Evan Lenz


Production Team
Stage Manager  |  Eliza Lane

Intimacy Director  |  Jess Smith
Costume Designer  |  Dawn Janow 

Music Composer  |  Joel Underwood

Text Coach  |  Katy Walsh

Dramaturg  |  Chad Kinsman

Fight Choreographer  |  Lee Ann Hittenberger


The running time is approximately 90 minutes.


Covid-19 Safety
After careful consideration and reviewing the policies that other theatre organizations are implementing, we have decided to relax our vaccine and mask requirements for our 2022-23 season for the time being. We recommend that our patrons be vaccinated and wear masks during the performance.



"Mickle Maher's play is as masterful as they come"  -Kerri Foley, The Loopscoop

"...quite simply - a masterpiece..." -Andrew Bails Howlround, Theatre Commons 


Synopsis: After a very public carnal display, two professors at a University are called upon to provide an explanation and apology to their students. Deeper questions of morality, existentialism, and accountability unravel. As they begin to justify and clarify the situation for their students, the way in which they see each other begins to shift- threatening the norm and comfort of the world they have built together for so many years. The clever and poignant use of poetry in this story explores philosophy's place in the indefinable feeling of passion. Director Erin Murray describes it as a story about "finding beauty in the mundane."

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