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Venus in Fur

By David Ives
Directed by Shawn Belyea

Rolling Bay Hall, Bainbridge Island

March 17 - April 1  |  7pm Thu-Sun
Monday, March 27  |  7pm Industry Night
Sunday, April 2  |  5pm Closing Night

"wildly intelligent

and sometimes frightening..."

-The New Yorker

"smart and sexy"

-Chicago Tribune

VANDA  |  Maleah Woodley
THOMAS  |  Laurence Hughes


Production Team

Assistant Director  |  Cacey Williams

Assistant Director  |  Rachel Delmar

Intimacy Director  |  Francesca "Cessa" Betancourt
Costume Designer  |  Dawn Janow 

Lighting/Sound Designer  |  Eli Backer

Dialect Coach  |  Marianna de Fazio


The running time is approximately 90 minutes.


This play contains content and images that some patrons may find objectionable or triggering, including such subjects as child abuse, bondage, and gender conflict. Concerned patrons are encouraged to research the title before committing to reservations.

Covid-19 Safety
After careful consideration and reviewing the policies that other theatre organizations are implementing, we have decided to relax our vaccine and mask requirements for our 2022-23 season for the time being. We recommend that our patrons be vaccinated and wear masks during the performance.



In a desperate search to find the perfect leading lady for his new play, director Thomas finds himself face to face with Vanda, an actress who couldn't be further from the sophisticated leading lady he seeks. Vanda, the nearly broken-spirited actress, uses her somewhat brazen charisma and vulgar charm to convince Thomas to give her a chance. Out of pity and perhaps a bit of fear, Thomas placates Vanda's desire to audition. As he watches Vanda flawlessly transform into the character, he becomes enthralled, curious, and tantalized. As the two dive deeper into the script, getting lost in the world of the story, the line of reality begins to blur as the colors of desire become all-consuming. With equal parts humor and intelligence, this play speaks to the moments in which we are made to feel powerless and the moments in which we choose dominance. This ultimate game of cat and mouse will leave you feeling breathless and scandalized.

"desire and power... how they are wielded in rehearsal rooms as well as bedrooms..."

-The Washington Post

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