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Under Milk Wood

Under Milk Wood

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

7pm  |  November 8-10, 2018

A play for voices by Dylan Thomas

Directed by Bradford Farwell

Music direction by Shannon Dowling

The running time of this play for voices is approximately 90 minutes with no intermission.


"...a sunny, spirited toast to humanity in all its grand and mundane, reluctantly lovable messiness."

      -- The Independent


Synopsis: By 1953, the poet Dylan Thomas was ready to turn to writing large-scale dramas. He died at the end of that year, shortly after completing Under Milk Wood, subtitled “A Play for Voices” and first broadcast on BBC Radio in January 1954. In this vivid poetic-dramatic evocation of the variegated population of a small Welsh seaside town, Thomas strands humor and death-tinged melancholy through monologues, dialogues, vignettes and songs. Llareggub and its population spring to vibrant life, so intensely particular that they achieve universality. Thomas explores their lives, hopes and thoughts in the dreams of a night and the rhythm of a day. 


Both a play and a poem, written from the heart, Under Milk Wood offers an unforgettable journey into the roots of language and the soul of Wales. The cast of one dozen actors will voice more than 70 characters. Audience members are welcome to bring sunglasses or close their eyes during the performance, to take in the rich vocal tapestry that unfolds.



  • ALI BUDGE -- Miss Price, 1st Neighbor, 2nd Woman, Mrs. Willy Nilly, Bessie Bighead, Mrs. Pugh, 1st Woman’s Voice 

  • TOM CHALLINOR -- Captain Cat, 4th Neighbor, A Voice, Guidebook, 2nd Voice

  • BARBARA DEERING -- Evans the Death, Wife, 1st Woman, Mrs. Utah Watkins, Mrs. Benyon, Mrs. Cherry Owen, Mary Ann the Sailors

  • MATT ELDRIDGE -- 5th Drowned, Preacher, Willy Nilly, Organ Morgan, Rev. Eli Jenkins

  • SOPHIE ELDRIDGE -- Mae-Rose Cottage, Little Girl, 4th Woman, Polly Garter, Child

  • GARY FETTERPLACE -- 2nd Drowned, Utah Watkins, Lord Cut-Glass, Old Man, Mr. Cherry Owen, 2nd Drinker  

  • BRONSYN FOSTER -- Woman’s Voice, Mother, Another Mother, 3rd Woman, 5th Woman, Lilly Smalls, Mrs. Ogmore-Prichard, Mrs. Dai Bread 2, Girl 

  • PATRICK HURLBURT -- 3rd Drowned, Jack Black, 3rd Neighbor, Nogood Boyo, 1st Boy

  • DARA LILLIS -- 4th Drowned, Mr. Mog Edwards, 2nd Neighbor, Mr. Prichard, Ocky Milkman, Mr. Pugh, Sinbad, 1st Drinker

  • HAYDEN LONGMIRE -- Mrs. Waldo, Wife, 3rd Woman, Rosie Probert, Gossamer Benyon, Mrs. Organ Morgan, Mrs. Dai Bread 1, 2nd Woman's Voice 

  • MATTY MCCASLIN -- 1st Drowned, Little Boy, Mr. Waldo, Mr. Ogmore, Atilla Rees, Butcher Benyon, Dai Bread

  • RACHEL NOLL JAMES -- First Voice

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